Flashlube would like to thank everyone who participated and attended the 2013 Annual Poland LPG/CNG Show held at the Warsaw International Expocentre.

The show was a huge success as thousands of guests from around the world attended the 2-day event, which saw over 150 local and international companies come together to exhibit their products and services.



For the third year in a row, Flashlube's Valve Saver Fluid has won the InPro Award in the Best LPG Additive category, which was the original product invented by its founder Wolfgang Kluenner in 1979. Wolfgang was a Germany immigrant to Australia, who recognised the problem of Valve Seat Recession in LPG/CNG vehicles, and spent many years researching and inventing its solution – Flashlube Valve Saver.

Flashlube's win came from the fact it is the only non-hazardous Valve Saver Fluid in the market; as demonstrated by the product's clear packaging that allows sunlight in, as opposed to the solid coloured bottles that hazardous chemicals are generally kept in. Flashlube proudly displays its "Non Hazardous" symbol on every bottle.

As a result, Flashlube offers the most environmentally friendly solution to the industry. The first product to be granted TUV approval in a road test, Flashlube's secret and unique formulation continues to protect millions of LPG vehicles around the world.

European Marketing Manager Martijn Solleveld was on hand to receive this prestigious award and said "It is great to be recognised by the industry for what has been a long journey for us. We feel our continued recognition allows for safe conversion to LPG and thus gives the public more confidence in the LPG industry".

Wolfgang Kluenner, from his home in Australia, is said to be very proud of his invention's global use and the role it has played in allowing the LPG/CNG industry to grow with confidence.

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