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Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid, using the award winning Flashlube Electronic Valve Saver Kit has become the only product in the world to be granted TUV approval in a road test, for valve seat protection.


Invented by German Scientist Wolfgang Kluenner, the one and only genuine Flashlube, has led the industry since 1979.


"This announcement proves to be another significant step in the company's incredible journey", states Flashlube General Manager James Dean from Australia.


Although laboratory testing will allow old technology kits using vacuum to achieve the new TUV approval, it is common knowledge that a vehicle's vacuum will vary upon driving conditions.


The important difference is that a TUV Road Test accreditation can only be achieved by an electronic kit that uses an ECU governed by the engine duty cycle.


Flashlube's Electronic Kit won the innovation award at this years LPG show in Warsaw and after 5 years of development, its patented technology continues to ensure safe LPG conversion across the world.


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