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The Flashlube Catch Can Pro is a premium oil fume filter that protects the engine by filtering out damaging oil mist and condensation from the air entering the inlet passage. This oil mist and condensation often causes carbon build up resulting in loss of power, fuel economy and can consequently lead to expensive engine damage.

This unit is designed with unique safety valves, to ensure its installation will not over pressurise the engine and is compact in size at 146mm high x 116mm wide x 137mm deep.


The graph below, taken from an independent test report from Curtin University/Perth, shows that the Flashlube Catch Can Pro is capable of flow rates in excess of 230L/min.

A 200 series cruiser will flow between 70 and 120 L/min.

Figures quoted on MANN+HUMMEL’s German made documents are intended for industrial applications (the original purpose of this product) that run at constant maximum power output and therefore maximum engine blow by.

These conditions are not relevant when applied to 4WD vehicles.

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 Benefits include:  Features include:
  • Maintains vehicle power & efficiency
  • Reduces carbon build up in inlet manifold
  • Stops intercooler contamination
  • Reduces corrosion of turbo bearings
  • Ensures cleaner air is delivered to the engine
  • Keeps sensors clean
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Vacuum relief valve
  • Replaceable filter element
  • Large (19mm) inlet & outlet ports
  • Small size to fit in compact engine bays
  • Rotating head to assist fitting

Download the Flashlube Catch Can Pro FAQ Here.

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